A visit from Nord University students

It was a nice day and the weather felt good even though it was a bit cold. To start with we were given an interactive presentation of the main predators of Norway where we got to know some information about each and every one of them before we got a tour of the park itself. When we walked out of the information center we began with going to the red foxes, they were so beautiful and it was exciting to get to go so close to them. From there we walked over to the wolverine enclosure. He was such a jolly little fellow and was really playful while he was being fed and we had a good time watching him goof around for a bit.

Next to the wolverine was a group of little artic foxes, we got to go in with them and they ran around us while they ate and argued over the pieces of meat they were being fed. They were really social and curious about us! Then on we walked up a hill and up there we met two gorgeous lynx ladies waiting patiently for their lunch. However, after getting their food they were uninterested in us and just wanted to eat in peace. Onwards we walked and ended up in front of the wolf enclosure. But the wolfs seemed to be rather shy and didn’t feel like saying hi, except for one that was very interested in the meat they were getting. So at least we got to see one bold wolf.

By now we were feeling pretty tired and worn from the walking in the cold so we headed back into the information center where we got waffles and ended our visit feeling satisfied and well informed!