About the Visitor Centre Carnivore

At the Predator Visitor Centre, you can learn more about Norwegian predators in an objective, interesting and engaging way!

What is the Visitor Centre Carnivore?

At the Predator Visitor Centre, you will learn more about Norwegian predators in an objective, interesting and engaging way! 

Our main focus in on the four large predators, the bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine, plus the golden eagle. We can tell you about the predators’ biology, about the landscape they live in, about human-wildlife conflict and, not least, about how predators are managed.

We now have four Visitor Centres in Norway:

Click on your closest centre for more information on the centre, how to get there and, not least, what you can experience there.

Arrange a visit by a nature guide

A large part of the Predator Visitor Centre’s activities are focussed on imparting knowledge about predators to children and young people. This is mainly done through Predator School, an educational offering where a nature guide from the visitor centre teaches pupils about the four biggies. This gives children the chance to learn about predators in a nuanced way in contrast to the many newspaper headlines they will frequently see on the topic.

We also have other communication offerings, which you can read about on the pages for each individual centre.

Our communication offerings are completely free, and can be booked by school classes and other groups. Each centre has slightly different options, so click here to read more about Predator School.

Our sources

All of our information is collected from established research and science. We are commited to not confuse fact based science with unconfirmed observations and stories. Read more about our use of sources here!


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