Carnivore school

Predator School is a free educational offering that is available to school classes, nurseries Kindergarden/ preschool classes and other groups. Click here to read about what we can offer at our centres, and how to book Predator School!

Carnivore school online

You can easily attend the Carnivore school from wherever you might be. Watch it with the entire class or alone at home! Med den digitale Rovdyrskolen kan du enkelt gjennomføre Rovdyrskolen hvor enn du befinner deg, uansett om du vil se den alene eller sammen med hele klassen.

Carnivore school in Eastern Norway

Visitor Centre carnivore Flå hosts Carnivore school throughout the eastern parts of southern Norway. Book one of our nature guides for a vist for your school's classes, or other groups where you recide. We'll bring furs, skulls and other props to give you an exciting introduction to the Norwegian Carnivores.

Carnivore school Namsskogan

The Carnivore school in Namsskogan is a free offer to the pupils in Trøndelag. The goal with the Carnivore school is to give the pupils an introduction to the large carnivore's biology, history and the basics of the societal conflicts. The lecture is held at Namsskogan family park, where the pupils will also get the opportunity to behold the carnivores up close. Varied educational methods, close to the animals in the park, gives pupils and teachers an unique opportunity to get to know our large Carnivores.

Carnivore school Bardu

Visitor Centre carnivore Bardu offers two kinds of Carnivore schools; you can either choose to visit us at the Polar park, or, we can come to where you.

Carnivore school Østerdalen

Carnivore school is a free educational offer to the pupils in Østerdalen. Our goal is to teach the students about the carnivores' biology, history and an introduction to the conflikt. The lecture will be held out in nature until the Visitor Centre is up and running.