Facts about large carnivores

On this page, you can learn about large predators and the landscape they live in. We hope you can learn something new and find answers to all your questions.

Foto: Roger Brendhagen.

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What are carnivores?

Before reading up on each species of carnivores it is handy to know what carnivores are, and what they are not. On this page you can find out what Carnivores are!

Foto: Roger Brendhagen.
Foto Andreas Buarø

Wolf myths

There are lots of wolf myths, and separating fact from fiction is no easy matter! On this page we examine the myths about wolves.

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Foto: Roger Brendhagen.
Foto: Roger Brendhagen.

Meeting a bear

Meetings between bears and humans rarely happen. But if you meet a bear, you should let him now that you are there, speaking calmly and moving away from the bear. Generally, the bears are afraid of humans, the bears will hide or run away.

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Foto: Roger Brendhagen.
Foto: Roger Brendhagen.

What do wolves eat?

Wolves are versatile hunters and can learn to hunt many different prey animals. In Norway, they mainly hunt moose. The explanation is simple: we have more moose than anything else! Wolves hunt and prey different animals. In Norway moose is the most common prey.

Foto: Roger Brendhagen.

Which carnivore kills the most sheep?

Despite what many people believe, it's not the wolves who prey most sheep in Norway. In fact it is a much smaller predator, the wolverine.

Foto: Roger Brendhagen.

How does the lynx hunt?

The lynx is the most efficient predator among our carnivores. It sneaks up on their prey such as roe deer, reindeers and hare.

Foto: Matthieu Ever.
Foto: Tom Bech

How big is a golden eagle?

The golden eagle has a wingspan of around two metres, yet it does not weigh all that much. The female can weigh up to seven kilograms, while the male weighs no more than four. Among birds of prey, the females are usually larger than the males.

Foto: Roger Brendhagen.
Foto: Ron Knight