About wolverines

Our largest member of the weasel family, or mustelid, is a typical scavenger. It is the smallest of the four large carnivores, but a tough customer all the same! On these pages, you can find out all about the wolverine!

Foto Andreas Buarø
Foto: Roger Brendhagen.

Wolverine facts

Latin: Gulo gulo. 
Family: Weasel family (Mustelids)
Length: Up to 1 m.
Weight: Varies from 8 – 25 kg. 
Breeding season: Spring and summer. 
Number of young: 1 – 4. 
Life span: Normally 10 – 12 år. 

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Wolverine facts

The wolverine has large paws for its body size. Its large tracks have impressions made by five toes and may or may not have a heel impression. Wolverine tracks are like those of most mustelids – just much larger.