Where does the wolf live?

Written by Nicklas Iversen | Last edited 8. June 2021

Wolves are found in many different types of habitat. In Norway, they live along the Swedish border in the south of the country. You can find out more about the wolf’s habitat and distribution on this page.

Ung ulvetispe ved Tunhovd, Buskerud nov.2001


A habitat is the type of area in which a species thrives.

The wolf is extremely adaptable and able to survive in most places. Wolves live in very different environments around the world. They have made themselves at home everywhere from icy tundra to burning desert.

In Norway, the wolf mainly lives in forests as a result of our deciding where the wolf is allowed to live.

If we had not done so, it could have lived anywhere in the country.

Foto: Roger Brendhagen.


In Norway, we find the wolf in wooded areas along the Swedish border in Hedmark, Østfold and Akershus. This is where the wolf has been allowed to settle.

It was the politicians who decided that the wolf must only live in the notorious wolf zone. Many people believe that the area is too small, while others are angry that they have to put up with wolves when everybody else is let off the hook. 

The wolf zone exists to prevent too many sheep and domestic reindeer being lost to wolves.


This article has been written by Bjørn Henrik Stavdal Johansen, a nature guide at Visitor Centre Carnivore Flå.