Golden eagles and livestock

Written by Nicklas Iversen | Last edited 8. June 2021

The golden eagle is frequently blamed for killing livestock, but it is very difficult to tell whether an animal has been killed by a golden eagle or the eagle just helped itself to a carcass.

Foto: Roger Brendhagen.


The golden eagle often eats carrion from animals that are much bigger than it usually hunts. This means that it is also often blamed for killing the animal, even though this is not always true.

Golden eagles can hunt and kill both lambs and reindeer calves, however.

To establish whether a golden eagle or another predator killed the animal that the eagle is sitting eating, the carcass has to be skinned and subjected to further examination. It goes without saying that it is not always possible to do this in time, as the golden eagle can carry the whole carcass off to a high rocky ledge.

This article has been written by Bjørn Henrik Stavdal Johansen, a nature guide at Visitor Centre Carnivore Flå.

Foto: Roger Brendhagen.