About the marten family (Mustelids).

The marten family (mustelids) is large and contains nearly 60 species, all carnivores. We have eight species in Norway, from the rare polecat to the common badger.


The wolverine is the only mustelid that is regarded as one of the four large predators. It lives up in the mountains and mainly survives on carrion it comes across.

Foto: Roger Brendhagen.
Foto: Roger Brendhagen.

Pine marten

The pine marten is a smallish mustelid that hunts in trees by jumping from branch to branch, searching for small rodents, small birds and squirrels.

Mår i tre, Bingen, Øvre Eiker, Buskerud aug.-90


The badger is probably the best-known member of the weasel family, and there is no mistaking its white head with two black stripes.



The mink is a mustelid that is not actually native to Norway, but has escaped from fur farms.


Least weasel

The least weasel is the world’s smallest carnivore and is an excellent hunter despite weighing as little as 20 grams! It is found throughout Norway, from the far south to Finnmark in the north.


The Eurasian otter

The otter is a mustelid that specialises in hunting in water. It can live beside rivers, by large inland lakes or on the coast, and tolerates both fresh and salt water.


The polecat is probably very rare in Norway and is only found in a very small area in Viken County, near the border with Sweden. It used to be common, but the population fell drastically in the 20th century as a result of it's fur being popular for fur coats.


The stoat is a predatory mammal that is found pretty much throughout Norway. It is an excellent hunter than can catch prey much larger than itself. It is tremendously fast, climbs trees well and is a great swimmer!